Achieving Perfection with Your Outdoor Countertops

At Legacy Tile & Granite, we are the experts on everything countertop related. When it comes to creating the perfect backyard hangout, the last thing you want is to install a countertop that will degrade over time—and we’re here to help you avoid doing just that.

Our three favorite materials for outdoor countertops are granite, quartzite, and marble. Here’s a brief rundown on how these materials can benefit your outdoor area.


Granite is by far the most popular choice for outdoor countertops because of how durable it is. As long as you keep up on this natural stone’s sealing routine, it will have no problem holding strong against the elements. There’s no chance for it to become damaged by weather, heat, or staining, and it remains tough against mold and mildew as well.

Granite does not fade in the sun, nor does it allow bacteria-attracting moisture to seep into its surface. It is also available in many different colorations and styles, so it can match the theme of any outdoor space.


Quartzite is yet another stone that doesn’t have any qualms with the weather. As long as you make sure it is always sealed, it will never provide a home to bacteria that can turn your once-beautiful countertop into a hub for mold and mildew. It’s liquid resistant and heat resistant, and it has an incredibly hard surface.

Quartzite is an extremely low-maintenance stone, which is why so many people love installing it outdoors.


Because marble is a softer stone, its attitude toward the outdoors differs a bit from granite and quartzite. The first two stones hold strong against the elements, but marble does not. But here’s the catch—the way that rain washes out the stains and blends in the etch marks gives marble a rustic, naturally aged look that many people love.

If you would prefer a slab of marble that’s a bit tougher, we recommend choosing the honed finish over the polished one, as this finish performs better outdoors.

Outdoor Countertops for Your Home

At Legacy Tile & Granite, we stock a wide variety of granite, quartzite, and marble slabs, and we surely carry one that suits your outdoor kitchen. Get in touch with us today to see how we can make your backyard shine!

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