A Brief Overview of Marble Countertops

Marble is known for its famous structures and its undeniable air of luxury. It can be found in ancient Rome and ancient Greece, and it’s present throughout the history of Victorian architecture. But marble isn’t just used for larger-than-life buildings anymore. Now, you can incorporate this iconic stone just as easily into your kitchen or bathroom.

Marble is formed from limestone. While it’s well-liked by many, it is especially popular with bakers—this is because, while its aesthetics can bring warmth and brightness to a room, it always stays cool to the touch. It provides a great workspace for rolling out dough.

The best part is, though marble used to be too expensive for many people, now its growing popularity has made it more affordable and more widely available.

Marble Maintenance

Because marble is softer than granite and quartzite, it involves a bit more maintenance—and completing that maintenance is important if you want your countertop to hold its beauty for as long as possible.

When handling hot pots and pans in the kitchen, always use a hot pad or trivet—if you don’t, your marble could get scorched. And when you’re chopping up veggies, make sure to use a cutting board. Cutting directly on your marble countertop could cause etching and scratching. As for spills, clean them up as soon as they happen. Marble is not a fan of acidic substances, and spills tend to seep into marble’s pores and create stains.

Marble will need to be resealed periodically as a regular part of maintenance. As for cleaning, we recommend wiping your marble down at the end of each day with warm water and a soft cloth.

Ups and Downs of Marble

There’s no doubt that marble has a natural beauty that makes it stick out from the rest. It comes in so many different looks, so there will always be plenty of slab styles to choose from.

But while marble is beautiful, it does come with a certain degree of work. It’s not a stone that you can install and then forget about—it requires daily maintenance and care. And since it’s a very porous stone, you can never forget to seal it—without proper sealant, marble can be easily damaged by heat, stains, and chemicals. But with the right sealant and the right care, marble will last for years and years.

We’re the experts on marble at Legacy Tile & Granite. If you want to learn more about this sophisticated stone, get in contact with us.

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