A Brief Look at Granite Countertops

Granite has been a timeless choice for kitchen and bathroom remodels for centuries. It comes in various colors and patterns, and it’s known for its durability and stylishness.

About Granite

Granite is the first choice for many homeowners and remodelers because of its notable durability. At Legacy Tile & Granite, we have a wide array of colors and patterns to choose from, so no matter the style of your newly remodeled room, you’re sure to find a slab of granite that suits it.

Granite’s Care and Upkeep

Every type of countertop requires a different amount of maintenance, and even within the category of natural stones, no two slabs are exactly the same. If you maintain your granite countertop properly, you will be able to enjoy it and all the benefits that it comes with for generations to come—it can last for decades if you know how to take care of them.

Their care is relatively simple. This material calls for quick spill cleanup using hot water and a sponge; leaving a spill for too long may cause staining. To protect the granite’s sealant, you should use a granite cleaner from time to time.

Due to the heat resistance of granite, it’s not vulnerable to heat unless the heat is extreme. We do recommend using coasters, though, because the condensation from glasses can cause water rings to show on your stone.

Compared to Other Options

For years, granite has been the top choice on the market, but it still has its drawbacks. As with all materials, there are some downsides to granite, like the fact that its prices run higher than materials like tile and laminate. But it’s important to keep in mind that tile and laminate don’t last nearly as long as granite does. Another downside of granite (for some people) is its irregular patterns and colorations. Since it’s a natural stone, the patterns of the slabs don’t always line up perfectly.

Granite is a durable material that you can count on to last long. Like quartzite, it’s resistant to scratches, heat, and stains, making it a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

If you’re on the hunt for quality countertops, get in touch with Legacy Tile & Granite. We would love to help you find your perfect match.

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