Got Questions about Countertop Installation? We’ve Got Answers.

If you’ve spent time googling “countertops installation near me,” only to have thousands of results come up that you can’t make heads or tails of, you’re not alone. The problem with information about countertop installations isn’t that it’s hard to come by—in fact, it’s the exact opposite. There’s so much info on the web that it can be a chore to sift through it all.

That’s why we’re here. We want to provide a one-stop-shop for everything you need regarding countertop installations. We want you to feel involved in the process, because we know how jarring it can be to have something going on in your home that you’re completely clueless about. So, let us clue you in!

Preparing for Installation

Before you put new countertops in, you have to take the old ones out. Because most countertop materials are known for their heft, this is a job best left to the professionals. If you try to do it on your own, you run the risk of damaging your kitchen or injuring yourself.

Before we set the new countertops in their place, we’ll also disconnect the plumbing and wiring from the kitchen so that wires don’t become (literally) crossed as we work.

One major way you can assist our team is by keeping pets and small children out of the workspace. We want to keep these little members of your family safe, and that’s hard to do when we’re hauling heavy materials in and out all day. So, for the well-being of everyone involved, we’d appreciate a clear space to work.

Making a path between the entryway and the installation space is hugely helpful too. That way, we don’t have to worry about running into any fixtures or tripping over anything as we move heavy materials around.

Installation Duration

There’s no doubt that countertop installation is an exciting process. At the end of it, you’re going to bear witness to your brand-new countertop material! Because of all this excitement, many of our customers want to know how long installation takes.

The truth is, that’s a hard question for us to answer—every installation is different. The timing of your installation depends on your new countertop material, the shape and size of your kitchen, the design of your countertop, and how difficult it is to remove your old countertop.

Installation Time

The moment has finally arrived, the moment your new countertop is set in your kitchen and made into something that’s completely yours. During this stage, we’ll set the countertop on the bare counters, level the slabs and make sure they’re secure, then join the seams with epoxy. And, voila! Your new countertop is in place.


After the installation is complete, there are still a few boxes that need to be checked. For the job to be entirely done, our team will have placed, sealed, leveled, dried, and quality-checked the countertop.

As the final piece, we’ll reconnect the wiring and plumbing in the room and answer any questions you might have about your new countertop and its care and upkeep.

Installing with Legacy Tile & Granite

We care about the satisfaction of our customers at Legacy Tile & Granite. In fact, we put your happiness above everything else, which is why we want you to feel included in the countertop installation process.

As you can see, the process of countertop installation is a lot simpler than it may seem on the surface. While it may seem like a hectic, chaotic experience, we promise that our team always knows exactly what they’re doing. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands when you work with us—and that you’ll always receive our best work.

It’s important to us that your project turns out exactly the way you pictured. If you have questions or comments as your installation moves forward, we’re always happy to offer answers or lend a listening ear.

For more information on countertop installation, or to get started on your project, reach out to us today.

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