Marble Countertops

Marble is a beautiful stone and we have a large inventory to choose from.

Browse some of our most popular marble colors below for your project. Marble is a natural stone and no two slabs are the same. Not all colors we have are below so please reach out and let us know about your project. Click here to contact us today. We can help find the perfect stone for your project!


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We admit we are a bit favorable to this topic, but we believe, as the heart of the home, your kitchen should say, “WOW” when people walk in. At Legacy Tile & Granite, our design team is excited to make this happen!!

Marble Countertops

About Marble
There is something truly elegant about marble countertops. From the halls of world-class museums to Victorian architecture, marble has been the stone of choice for affluent homes and businesses throughout history. Today, you can find marble counters available in a wide variety of patterns and colors.

This luxurious surface is made out of limestone. It provides an understated warmth and grace to home bars, bathrooms, outdoor dining areas, kitchens, and living spaces. You can select classic shades like charcoal, rose, white and green. Because of advances in marble technology, this previously expensive material is now available at a more budget-friendly price.

Care and Maintenance
If you want to keep your marble counters looking their best, you need to take care of them. One of the best things you can do is use hot pads underneath your pots and pans. You should also use cutting boards and coasters.

Marble can become damaged if it is exposed to acidic substances. Because of this, you should clean any spills up immediately. You should also wipe down the marble each day with warm water and a soft cloth. Because marble has to be protected with sealant, the sealant must be redone periodically.

Countertop Comparisons
As you consider different materials, it is important to think about the advantages and drawbacks associated with each option. With marble counters, you can enjoy the natural beauty and unique veining. This stone is available in a nearly endless array of patterns and styles.

Marble is known for being more porous than quartz, granite, and quartzite. Because of this, it needs to be sealed to prevent stains from developing. Since marble’s mineral composition is sensitive to chemicals, you need to clean any spills right away. While there are a few precautions you need to be aware of, your counters can last for years if you care for them properly.

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